'Skins' promo video (together with Lena Shagieva)

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  • This video is a promo for ‘Skins’ serieson Channel4.  Video is a reflection tothe process of growing up, it shows how games became dangerous, and our aim wasto create a weird feeling of something unreal, something strange. This videotouches some parts of the soul and makes you feel something unhealthy, think ofdeep personal streams.
    The main character of the outcome is a small girl whoplaying with a doll. Then the child decides to ‘grow’ the doll up, cut itshair, imitate makeup by coloring and kiss it. The kiss is very uncertain; itseems that the child is afraid of it but want to try the kiss anyway.
    The whole aesthetic is romantic but vicious at thesame time; blue and rose colors dominate.