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About ``````````````````````````````````` Background `````````````````````` You would think there was enough office furniture in the … Read More ``````````````````````````````````` Background `````````````````````` You would think there was enough office furniture in the world to keep people’s bottoms ergonomically satisfied, right? Enter Jason.L into the market in 2009 and its business has grown steadily year on year. Clearly something was working. By selling high quality office furniture direct from the factory, and bypassing retailers and agents, the company was able to keep prices down and build a solid customer base. Challenge ``````````````````` Fast-forward four years and Jason.L was no longer a small player. However, the market was changing quickly, and cheap knock-offs and generic brands were rife. The company had to elevate their brand to step away from the fast-growing competition. Solution ```````````````` It was clear that original brand mascot wasn’t reflective of the discerning and established brand Jason.L had become. As its tagline ‘your office furniture mate’ suggests, the company has built its business on being friendly, upfront and helpful. We took this personality and ran with it, creating a series of contemporary office furniture characters that captured the friendly nature of the company. These form the basis of an identity system that not only reflects what Jason.L sells but the way they do business – a little out of the ordinary. Along with a refreshed colour palette, typeface and layout principles, a new brand voice was introduced that centred on their positive, can-do attitude. All these elements come together to create a brand identity that takes its customers seriously, but itself, not so much. Read Less