Production Notes, Sketches, Style Guides

Our illustrators worked on both the characters and the backgrounds of this project, below are the thumbnail sketches that I did to block out the scene and establish the composition. Originally, there were three characters and I wanted to get all of them in this medieval battle in epic proportion (Something like a Heironymus Bosch hell but we didn't have time to polish it like that).

The UI, I liked the idea of industrial-medieval-esque contraptions, so I added some chains the backing plate for the logo is made up of stone sculpture (Kris Kuksi was one of my references for that). These were all toned down at the end due to it being looking too dated (which was weird because it is a medieval/sci-fi film - it is a period film).

Personally, I'm not fairly happy with the way this project was delivered at launch. But it was a good process and me and my team learned a lot of things in terms of improving our production pipelines.

Online Game

This was one of the recent games I've been assigned to work on. If you've seen the film, Priest, on the opening prologue, there was this animation done by Genndy Tartakovsky and we were instructed to base our work on that short film, hence the art direction style that i picked.

The animation Genndy did was about a bloody war between men and vampires but it was shown in a beautiful but violent way. In the project, we wanted to have that same feeling of tension so, starting with the battlefield, split in half where the land is covered in blood as the rest is blanketed by the midnight sky where blood rained. I actually did a lot of animation prototypes as usual but it was removed in the end of the project due to client specifications.

The ones I am showing here are not equally the same in what we released but these ones here were the original art direction I had in mind. At the end of this page, you will see the production notes and sketches that I did on the early stages of the work. The final illustrations were not done by me but were done by the in-house illustration team.