Resident Evil: After Life
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    Work produced for Sony Pictures' Resident Evil: Afterlife
Resident Evil: Afterlife
Website / Mini-Game

This is my first work for a Hollywood film produced under Trigger Global. The idea for this project is to emphasize the locations used on the story of the movie which takes place in four locations around the world. We follow Alice throughout these locations and discover the storyline and see new and familiar characters. We have also produced a 'subtle' mini-game that's part of the website.

Primarily, I did the Art Direction, Design, and Animation then, secondarily, Matte Painting and some Motion Graphics work. Note that there are other talented people who worked tremendously on this project and I've listed them here before but were withdrawn by request.

What's even more awesome is that I think the marketing guys adopted this work as their sort of key art where their marketing materials were based from. It was a surprise to see the Tokyo scene when I was using the ATM and when riding a taxi.

Mini Game
We built a first-person, mini-game inside the website. Originally, we had three games but we didn't have much time to produce all three as we only had one month to do this entire project from the ground, up.

The game can be played on: Overcome The Infected / Downloads » Stop The Siege

Production Notes
I did a  pseudo 3D proof of concept to illustrate a 'frozen in time' effect. This is the original direction I intended for the homepage as the subtle movement actually makes it more realistic than exaggerated movement as this is pseudo 3D.
Production Notes:
Breakdown of the tokyo scene + animation
Production Notes:
Preloader to homepage animation

Production Notes:
Second Revision - Homepage Design