'Cactus Taps' & 'Go Fish' Games

I was assigned to be the lead AD for the game which is a part of the Rango website. We produced two (2) mini games that are located inside the town in the Rango website. This project was made with close collaboration with Trigger Los Angeles (following the overall art direction of the website) and our very cooperative client (for the CGI work). Originally, both games are supposed to have character voice overs/subtitles to instruct the players at the same time add a little narrative to the experience but I think the actors weren't available for that kind of request.

What I liked in this project the most is that I had the chance to direct the animation studio for the characters based on specific guidelines on how the character should behave, move and animate - all of which, are a first to me (This is the first time I worked with CG characters for a feature film).

Lastly, the artworks below may or may not resemble the released project due to revisions and other alterations. I am presenting below, what was the original vision I had intended for the games.

This is, how shall we say, the (Art) Director's Cut.
Cactus Taps Game

This is the second game inside the Rango Website... it's an easy-to-play memory game wherein you are taught how to make drinks using the taps beside Buford "the bartender". When we made this, we never saw the film and we want to make sure we try to be consistent with the look & feel of the movie so we tried to use dilapidated signs, creaky wood, steampunk clock timer, to get that Rango feel.

All the animations were painstakingly animated on a frame-by-frame basis because the taps were sent as flat illustrations.
Unused Rango Card Deck

For the Go Fish game, I specifically designed a deck for the game (shown below) but in the end, we had to use a given set of cards to tie in with an offline promotion. I'm showcasing the cards on this project as an 'outtake'. These were not used on the release of the game.


Work for the games used inside the official Rango movie website.