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    Art Direction, Illustration, and Design work produced for Sony Pictures' Ghost Rider 2 web game
Ghost Rider 2
Online Movie Game

This is my last project in Trigger when I worked there last year. This is for the Ghost Rider 2 movie; we had a direction key from the client which was a very graphic-novel look and feel to it so we we're pretty much following that but I wanted to use the actual model from the game as rough as it looks on the artwork. Traditionally, we use a separate artwork for the website than the game but I think the game model works pretty well with the 'raw / acid' look that I wanted to go for this work.

On the initial mockups that I did, I wanted to have this dominant hot pink color instead of the reddish hue that you see here. I wanted that pink everywhere (art / typography / etc) because I wanted the look to be more aggressive but it was deemed too "feminine"... also because this is my last project and I wanted to see how much I can push my freedom.

So... yeah, here it is. Oh and the 3D poses were done and rendered by yours truly because the 3D team was on the edge with me going back and forth with them every 30 seconds hahah. #GoodTimes
Design breakdown (above) + the rest of the pages (below).
Achievement Badge illustrations and a general style guide.