The Written
Personal Project
These started out from The Kings of Summer work I did and then I thought it was a pretty fun thing to do on the side so I continued it and so here they are. The Written is a series of chalkboard-inspired typography / illustration or whatever. At first, it was a series of stuff I would put on facebook for friends and then it just became something I enjoyed doing. Like if I have something on my mind, if I'm obsessing over something, I'd write it. 
I'll keep adding to this as I go.
portfolio title
These were done for KishiBashi ( he's a friend of mine whose work I've followed since Jupiter One (if you listened to FIFA soundtracks, their song 'Unglued' was there and it's amazing!).
I asked K if I could put the mayor in the illustration.
here's KishiBashi with the printed totebags :) you can buy them here:
Random Quips
These were some of the stuff I posted originally on Facebook.
I don't remember where I saw that quote but I thought I'd make it for myself as a reminder.
This was for a friend who was inseparable with his bike which we called Sherpa's because it looked like the one used by delivery guys in Shanghai. 
This was an LSS (Last song syndrome) I had and it just popped up in my head. Heard this before from a vintage cartoon.
Patches / Logo
I tried making circular patches / logomarks using this art direction.
I really do want to go to Salzburg.
This was a song by The Heavy... I got LSS after playing Borderlands.
I used to work in BBH and I love their Blacksheep logo. This one's for them.
Classic Movie Posters
I'm a classic films nerd... I've always wanted to design my own movie poster for old flicks but I never had the time. I did John Ford's Stagecoach and Touch of Evil and I think i'll work on The Night of The Hunter next if there's anyone here who thinks Citizen Kane is the best film out there, wait til you see The Night of The Hunter.
I like how the original taglines written for most of the films before had literally nothing to do with the plot. They just wanted to make sure they mention women or something alluding to sex.
Just showing some details from the poster. Check out the Universal logo.
The Written

The Written

Chalkboard inspired handwritten typography. Personal work.