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About the Tool

The ‘Coalition Builder’ is a tool that helps CSOs come together and unify their effort when engaging with a Digital Id initiative. It provides a list of strategies, principles and tactics that will help CSOs share resourcesand expertise to better engage with
both their governments and public.

These would help leverage each other’s expertise and established relationships in the Digital ID ecosystem to optimize for better collaborations and processes.
We have provided worksheets and guidelines for how to form and take action with your coalition.

The Challenge
Digital ID cuts across the traditional sectors where CSOs focus, bringing together organizations who may not have previously worked together. In places where the CSO- government relationship is strained, CSOs from disparate areas working together may be the most effective way to align on strategy and influence change.

To create alignmentand collaborationamongst CSOs,resulting in effectivepublic participationinitiatives and improvedDigital ID legislation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Coalition builder- Illustrations Set
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