Experience true serenity with premium HEMP OIL.

Sourced from the finest organic hemp, our carefully crafted formula unlocks the power of nature to bring you a sense of calm and balance.

The branding label showcases the product's name, discreetly embossed in a soft, earthy hue, further amplifying its connection to nature.

Scope of work : 
‣ Logo design
‣ Packaging design
‣ Animations
‣ 3d models

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The branding reflects the essence of CBD's natural and therapeutic qualities while maintaining a modern and sleek aesthetic. The label design incorporates clean typography, soothing colors, and imagery that evokes a sense of calmness and well-being. By carefully considering the target audience and the product's unique selling points, I have crafted a design that not only catches the eye but also effectively communicates the product's benefits and quality. Whether it's on a store shelf or in an online marketplace, this branding and label design is sure to stand out and leave a lasting impression on consumers seeking the benefits of CBD oil.

The label exudes a sense of tranquility with its elegant typography, harmonious color palette, and subtle botanical motifs. Every element has been thoughtfully curated to communicate the soothing benefits and natural origins of CBD products.

The brand logo, a fusion of botanical grace and contemporary minimalism, symbolizes the harmony between ancient healing practices and cutting-edge innovation. Its subtle color palette, featuring calming earth tones and hints of soothing green, evokes the essence of nature's tranquility.

Emanating elegance and refinement, our enchanting elixir's branding and label design epitomize the essence of rejuvenation and harmony, inviting customers to indulge in a tranquil escape with every drop.

Hemp Oil


Hemp Oil