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NOILE- branding & packaging
This project aims to develop a comprehensive branding and packaging design for Diesel Car Oil, targeting automobile owners and enthusiasts who require high-quality lubricants for their diesel-powered vehicles. The objective is to create an impactful and visually appealing brand identity that conveys the product's reliability, performance, and commitment to superior engine protection.
Scope of work : 
‣ Logo design
‣ Packaging design
‣ Animations
‣ 3d models

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The project encompasses the development of  visual identity, and packaging design for Diesel Car Oil. The following key deliverables are included:

Packaging Design: Design an attractive and functional packaging solution that enhances product visibility on shelves, communicates essential product information effectively, and reinforces the brand identity. Consider factors such as bottle shape, label design, information hierarchy, and material selection to ensure a premium and environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Brand Guidelines: Develop a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that outline the proper usage of the logo, color palette, typography, and other visual elements across different marketing collaterals. These guidelines will ensure consistency in brand representation and help maintain a strong brand identity across various touchpoints.

NOILE- branding & packaging


NOILE- branding & packaging