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Codigee - brand identity

Codigee ensures clients confidently progress by handling development burdens. Their dedication includes relieving technical complexities, providing security, and support. Recognized as official Flutter Consultants by Google, their commitment to excellence is globally acknowledged. They are known for their trustworthiness and professionalism, handling each project with care and precision.

Codigee is a trusted partner in the world of mobile and web apps development. With Codigee, your app development is in daring hands.


By entrusting them with your vision, you gain more than just technical prowess; you gain a partner who values your peace of mind. Their recognition as official Flutter Consultants by Google demonstrates their ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions with unparalleled sophistication and reliability.

Scope of work : 
‣ Brand design
‣ Merch design
‣ Animations
‣ 3d models

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Codigee - brand identity


Codigee - brand identity