sTARTUp Day | 2019
Bus Stop Campaign

sTARTUp Day is the biggest community-driven business festival in the Baltics. In 2020, it took place for the fourth time, bringing together over over 150 world-class speakers, 700 startup representatives, 160 investors, and 4400 attendees from 60 different countries.

Homne started to collaborate with sTARTUp Day back in 2018. As their official design partner, we create everything from social media templates to outdoor media.


In autumn 2019, we started to work on a bus station campaign. The target audience was young professionals from various fields. The goal was to underline the fact that sTARTUp Day is not just another boring business conference, but a festival for all the ambitious and success-driven minds.

On the one hand, having about a third of the bus pavilions throughout the city at our disposal made it rather easy to catch people's attention. On the other hand, with great power comes great responsibility…

We joined forces with the Marketing Team of sTARTUp Day to compose the messages. Fortunately, we had attended the festival previous years and remembered the vibe of the festival.

⎮ But how to pass on the vibe of the festival in a short phrase?


The message had to be short enough for people to stop, think and draw their own conclusions. Meaning statistics and other facts were definitely out of the way.

We got some inspiration from other attendees by reading their quotes about the last event. One of our favourites was by Peter Vesterbacka: "…I had high expectations, but it was fas better than I expected."

So, after several intensive workshops, we came up with 3 striking messages. Roughly translated from Estonian:

1— The best day of the year, three days in a row
2— A festival that makes you richer
3— You'll thank yourself in a year


The final result had to be eye-catching, yet easy to grasp regardless of the means of perceiving them. Although the leading colour of the brand is black with a hint of yellow and white, we wanted to bring some sunshine into the dull and dark winter nights of December. Thus, the background would be bright yellow.


During the campaign–when all of the bus stops in Tartu glowed with joy–we got lots of positive feedback and saw true excitement within the team of sTARTUp Day as well.

And, well, sTARTUp Day had the best ticket sales in its history…


"Measuring the effect of outdoor advertising is always difficult – but when it comes to word of mouth, our bus stop campaign definitely exceeded all the expectations. Even the Mayor of Tartu cited a slogan in his opening speech, not to mention countless aquaintances who read all three slogans when they met me or mentioned them on social media."

— Marelle Ellen, sTARTUp Day Marketing Manager


Project Lead: Mikko Leo Selg
Creative Direction: Jakob Päll, Mikko Leo Selg
Art Direction, Graphic Design: Jakob Päll
Copywriting in collaboration with sTARTUp Day Marketing Team

Photos: Mikko Leo Selg

© Homne 2020

sTARTUp Day 2020 Bus Stop Campaign

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sTARTUp Day 2020 Bus Stop Campaign

Homne designed a bus stop campaign for the biggest business festival in Baltics – sTARTUp Day.