Miltton | 2019
Visual Identity

#Sammsamm was an Instagram-based campaign that aimed to raise environmental awareness among youngsters. The campaign started on 1 September 2019–the beginning of the new school year in Estonia–and lasted until the end of the year.

The most important message of the campaign was that the world can be changed step by step and these small steps together create a big impact. As we ourselves have a soft spot for the environment, we were glad to take on this journey in collaboration with Miltton and, of course, the heroes of #Sammsamm campaign, Estonian award-winning freestyle skeirs Kelly and Henry Sildaru.


For all of us, the main challenge was reaching the target audience: the students acquiring basic and secondary education. Fortunately, Kelly and Henry belonged to the target group themselves and who wouldn't recognise them! Nevertheless, we could spare no effort, considering that for some the topic might not seem particularly interesting at first.

So, when Homne was asked to create the visual identity, we started to crack the case of:

⎮How to attract youngsters to be more eco-conscious?


As we were pondering on the topic, we came to a conclusion that when making decisions connected to the environment, one can take either a positive or a negative step, but never a neutral one. Meaning, every choice a person makes always has an impact and the environment is in constant motion. This notion became the basis for the creative concept.

⎮Absence of Standstill


Carrying on with this notion, we discovered Soulcraft, a quirky and bold variable typeface. This gave us the possibility to expand the idea of "Absence of Standstill", as we could modify the width and slant of each character.

When it came to colours, we focused on the target audience without overlooking the topic. To awaken interest, the main colours were bright, at times slightly oversaturated, but closely tied to nature.

The keywords for this project were courageous, friendly and energetic. So it made sense for the illustrations to be bold and badge-like. We felt the need for external talent and suddenly, a light bulb went off in our Project Lead's head. Mikko's sister is excellent at drawing and passionate about biology. The fact that she belonged to the target audience was just a cherry on top.


To wrap this project up, we present you some numbers and impressions. Within 4 months, the Instagram account gained over 900 followers with 77 posts made. As for us, being part of this project and keeping an eye on the posts definitely improved our knowledge about the tiny steps you can take easily every day.


"Oh, these young people of Tartu really know how to deliver! The #Sammsamm initiative told stories about how anyone can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Although the faces of the campaign were Kelly and Henry Sildaru, it needed an amusing and distinctive visual language.

The in-depth approach resulted in a full package of everything a youth campaign needed: visuals, graphics for videos, and, as a special solution, eloquent illustrations that explained the complex environmental issues to youngsters. In addition to the professionalism of Homne, I greatly appreciated their substantive engagement throughout the campaign. Our appreciation and thanks! We will be back in no time!"

— Carl-Ruuben Soolep, Miltton Consultant


Project Lead: Mikko Leo Selg
Creative Direction: Jakob Päll, Mikko Leo Selg
Art Direction, Graphic Design: Jakob Päll
Illustrations: Vesta Selg

Photo: Mikko Leo Selg

© Homne 2020

#Sammsamm Visual Identity

Project Made For

#Sammsamm Visual Identity

Homne created a visual identity and illustrations for the social media campaign #Sammsamm.