Miltton JLP | 2019
Visual Identity Refresh

The Pan-Baltic Infrastructure Summit is a conference exploring Baltic infrastructure and its development. The third Infrasummit took place in October 2019 in Noblessner Foundry, a former submarine factory in Tallinn.


Our long-time client, Miltton JLP–the consulting agency doing the communicational-organizational magic behind INFRA 2019–turned to us with a request to refresh the visual identity and design the materials for the conference.

Our next step was to do research to understand the existing identity and how we could improve it. Although being on the more formal side, we wanted to inject some freshness and sophistication to the visual language.


Throughout the design process, we were inspired by the robustness of infrastructure and its large-scale projects. The existing logomark gave us a good starting point to develop a solid visual identity around it since the visual clues reflected the nature of this event very well.

— The speech bubble symbolises the networking and the avalanche of ideas discussed at the event.
— The # could be seen just as a hashtag or, instead, as railway tracks, representing an important part of the infrastructure.

⎮ The logomark as the infrastructure


So, when updating the logo, we decided to bring the logomark into the spotlight by giving it more flexibility.

To breathe new life into the visual identity, we decided to play around with the colours. To add liveliness, we gave the dull pink a nudge. For contrast, we used dark blue and light grey to emphasize the formality.


As a result, we laid a strong foundation for the following years by giving the visual identity an up-to-date look.


"During Infrasummit, you showed your ability to create a long-term work plan with the client and keep up with the fast pace and changes that are inevitable when it comes to organizing big events. Throughout the preparations, you were always present in the moment and came up with ideas I could not think of. The communication was very cooperative and constructive. We really felt that you were there for us!"

— Greetel-Joanna Võrk, Miltton JLP Program Coordinator


Project Lead: Mikko Leo Selg
Creative Direction: Jakob Päll, Mikko Leo Selg
Art Direction, Graphic Design: Jakob Päll

Photos: Johan-Paul Hion

© Homne 2020

Infrasummit 2019 Visual Identity Refresh

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Infrasummit 2019 Visual Identity Refresh

Homne refreshed the visual identity of Infrasummit (INFRA), a Pan-Baltic infrastructure event exploring Baltic infrastructure and it's developmen Read More