Mediaradar / Podcast Video
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MediaRadar offers comprehensive advertising analysis for over 3.1 million brands across multiple media platforms including TV, digital, mobile, email, events, social media, and print. Our 2200+ clients enjoy the unmatched quality and award-winning customer service that helps them identify sales opportunities, create bulletproof pitches, and get the most from every sale.

MediaRadar also offers custom solutions and data licensing for use in market research, sales intelligence, ad compliance, and equity markets.
How we helped?

Our task was to create an animation depicting the podcast advertising.
MediaRadar will help you get a full picture of your prospects’ advertising strategy
and let you know if you should include Podcast advertising in your proposal.

Thanks to fantastic client for the trust.
Thanks for watching, cheers!
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Mediaradar / Podcast Video
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Jacek Janiczak