Scooby Doo
And The Spooky Swamp
Project Completion Date: 5/2/2010
Original comps provided from ad agency.  Second image was the direction to go with.
The next step was to take the original sketch and refine the look and feel of the comp by altering character's expressions and their surrounds before going to color. 
3D mesh of the background were build from scratch and positioned to match the approved comp.  Character models will be posed, light and rendered individually as separate pass for composite later in Photoshop.  Multiple mesh planes added below and above character's feet for refection efx.  (Only characters were in-game models provided from the game developer and were used as a starting point which are then later tweaked, modified for hi-res rendering.
Here are 2 examples from various low-res rounds of test color renders with touchups in Photoshop.  Once approved, the hi-res final image was handed over to the ad agency.   They will then drop it into their layout and implement the title treatment for the Wii packaging.