LEGO Batman 3: DC Comics The New 52 Cover Variants
The Task
Create Lego character versions for variants covers of DC comics The New 52.  This was part of the promotional campaign for Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham.  There are a total of 22 covers that was generated for the DC Lego superheroes.  Due to time constrain, I was only able to worked on 19 of the covers.
DC Cover Test
Batman pose was used for the initial test before the project was afoot.  Once approved, the rest of the super heroes followed with a couple of villains thrown into the mix.
With an illustrated portal refernce provided, I created a 3D version of the portal.  The intention was for them to composite their inked illustrated page onto the paper layer outside the portal so the overall piece will feel more cohesive as a 3D rendering.    But in the end DC never use it for the background.  Instead they incorporated their original inked verison plus added a wall of Lego bricks behind the portal.   Click link to see samples of final covers from DC comics site.
The Rest of the Gang
If you think some of the poses looked familar...  Yes, WB and DC did approved poses to mirror their original illustrated covers plus they were pretty opened for us to create original poses as well.  Below are my original versions of the character renderings with the 3D portal and some without.
The Flash #36
Aquaman #36
BatGirl #36
Wonder Woman #36
Batman #36
Harley Quinn #12
Justice League Dark #36
Green Lantern #36
Sinestro #7
Superman Action Comics #36
Batman and Robin #36
Supergirl #36
Batman Superman #16
Superman Wonder Woman #13
Justic League United #6
Justice League #36
Credit to Ted Warnock on helping out with the initial poses for Catwoman and Grayson.
Catwoman #36
Grayson #4
These two didn't make it to press.  Instead the first Batman image I did was used for Batman Detective Comics #36.  Superman #36 was replaced with villain Brainiac (poses not shown done by Justin Williams.  He also rendered poses for Teen Titans #4 and Green Lantern Corps#36)
This image was created by re-using some of the rendered poses with modifications along with new and old elements from the keyart and re-composed/edited in Photoshop.  The promo ad is printed on the back of each of The New 52 cover variant comics.
PS.  I believe these limited run of Lego variant covers will be out of circulation very soon.  So get them at your local comic store while they are still available.
LEGO Batman 3: DC Comics The New 52 Cover Variants

LEGO Batman 3: DC Comics The New 52 Cover Variants

DC Comics The New 52 Lego Cover Variants

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