Lego Jurassic World Videogame Key Art and Promo Images
Jurassic World Key Art
From concept to final color.
Lighting test between 3/4 main light and backlit with fill lights after posing the key character elements.
Create vegetation and foliage composite
Daytime version test with foliage composite with Claire added behind Owen.
The night time version turned out much better and was used for the final key art. 
Promo Teasers 2014
Two teaser promo were created in fall of 2014.
Teaser 1
Teaser 2
Promo Images for 2015
Here are some iconic scenes taken from the 1st Jarassic Park movie and recreated in Lego fashion from concepts to final color.
Flipped Jeep Scene
Raptor Birth Scene
I build the robotic arm to match the one from the movie.  In the end it was swapped out with the ingame design of the arm for the final image. 
Conincidentally, this image was complete on an Easter weekend.  Not shown, but I did make a separate Easter egg version.
Kitchen Scene
Lego Version of the Original Mosasaurus Movie Promo Poster  
Retaining majority key background elements of the original image and replaced with Lego Mosasaurus and Lego shark.  
Final image composite.
Fun facts.  I got a chance to work on the preliminary visualisation during the pre-concept stage of Universal Studio Jurassic Park ride back in the early 90's.  Basically storyboarding different POV angles of specific key areas the audience will encounter during the ride.  Hopefully I can unearth some of those good old pencil and paper drawings from way back.