The Lego Movie Video Game
The Task
This project consist of creating the key art for the The Lego Movie video game, two page spread print ad, individual character renderings, and dlc elements.  Character toy assets were provided along with some ingame models from the developer.  The  primary task was to create images that capture the look and mood of the movie and that includes posing these characters with limited joint movements very much like the real Lego mini-figures.  2nd was to create custom texturing technique to all the character models to make it looked worn very much like the movie.
2 Page Spread Ad
Here are my 3 quick thumbnails presented to the client.  
Further refinements of the chosen concept making sure all the key characters works within the space.
A quick shade study comp making sure all the elements works.
I have to re-create some of the character props and background elements that were not included in the assets:  Good Cop Bad Cop's horse head armor, Vitruvius's staff (half eaten lollipop stick I think.  Referencing off a still image from the trailer), and buildings (build off reference from the movie poster).
Since this is quit a complex image,  I separated the scene into different groups to ease work flow.  For the far background, I have to cheet and skew the building models exaggerating the perspective to work with the comp.
Matching up the key characters to the comp for the foreground plate.
The middle plate consist of Metal Beard with hand full of Robo Swats, plus two flying vehicles for the background.
For the remaining plate we have Lord Business and Droids.
Added characters for background Lego mayhem.
An explosion of Lego blocks to place behind Lord Business.
Here is the image with all elements put together after editing in Photoshop.  The unoptimized single PSD file is over 2.6 Gigs.  The final submitted image was a bit different, with some character and vehicle layers turned off to help make the scene less busy (not shown).
Key Art
Same process as the spread.  I actually created the keyart first before tackling the 2 page spread.  
Buildings background plate.
Bad guys and flying vehicles plate.
Extra Robo Swats for background fillers.
3D models positioning layout.  On the original sketch (not shown) Emmet was holding a jack hammer which occupied too much space in the layout.  A wrench was use instead.
Here is the Initial color pass of the key art layout.  There were a few edits for the final image:  The orange chopper was removed so the bad guys layer can be brought forward.  The Bat Wing and floating blocks above Vitruvius was removed inplaced of Batman on building of roof top.  Revised the background to a cooler hue making the main characters to pop more.
Some options with Emmet's expressions.
Final cropped key art image. 
Individual Character Renderings
I was playing with depth of field for some of these for personal preference.  The delivered final poses were rendered without the effect.
Here is a bare bone Benny mesh I received from the Lego toy assets.  Since I already have a prepped body base model from prior Lego projects, I only have to re-work  his helmet, chest decal and his overall body textures.
I have to reshape Benny's helmet to match the Benny in the Movie.
This is the original provided body decal texture.
This is the re-worked texture.
Applied my custom texturing techniqes.
My rendering of Benny.  Too bad this pose was never used.
DLC Promo
Me and the ad agency collaborated on the concept.  I provied the character render poses, and they did the layout for the DLC promo card.
The Lego Movie Video Game

The Lego Movie Video Game

The Lego Movie Video Game. Breaking down a complex scene and build in working layers.

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