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Bubble Lab Identity Design
Bubble Lab 
Brand identity design
Client : Bubble lab

The Bubble lab word mark is our logo. Bubble Lab is an unusual, distinctive name in itself, so we don’t need to over-design to make it stand out. The Bubble Lab ‘word mark’ - the way the words are displayed - is our logo.

The typeface we chose is made from simple, geometric shapes, which gives the logo a simple, friendly, familiar feel. In particular, the circular shapes within many of the letters relate very strongly to bubbles, which we hope will produce a smile in the mind.

We chose a silver grey colour for the word mark - a colour hinting at the clean, metallic finish of a lab- oratory work surface. It’s bold and flexible enough to work at many dif- ferent sizes. Although very contemporary, the logo is also classic. It has an established, trustworthy look that will not go out of fashion.


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Bubble Lab Identity Design