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Sculptural Surveillance

Sculptures Architectural outdoor lighting and 
monitoring system

This striking range challenges the conventional with visually impactful structures that seamlessly combine lights, speakers, and monitoring devices, serving as statement pieces for gardens and grounds.
Crafted from powder-coated recycled aluminum, 
each piece in this collection is a testament to both sculptural and architectural prowess, housing advanced technology within. Customization is at the forefront, allowing for a variety of styles and colors.

The motion sensor-controlled motorized cameras 
offer a 360° field of vision, accompanied by speakers, tracing lamps, and wifi connectivity. Customization is at the forefront, allowing for a variety of styles, colors, lengths, and expressions for each head and extender.

Installation is simplified 
with a user-friendly screw fixture compatible with wood or concrete, making Sculptural Surveillance a DIY solution that emphasizes flexibility and ease. This concept not only redefines functionality in home surveillance but also introduces a touch of sculptural and architectural sophistication to outdoor spaces.

Experience a new era of surveillance 
that seamlessly blends into your surroundings while making a bold design statement.

Y-Branch light and motion sensor module
Screw outdoor speaker and wifi module
Candy Stick 360°outdoor speaker and wifi module

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Sculptural Surveillance

Sculptural Surveillance


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