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RTX Enterprise Headsets
RTX Enterprise Headsets
OEM communication headsets
Client : RTX
Built for every environment

The RTX Enterprise headset series are a collection of OEM wired and wireless headsets, designed for super easy customization for a myriad of technology companies. We've created a new line of professional headsets, that excel in comfort, look awesome, weight almost nothing - and makes you want to sneak it out of the office.
Comfort is king

Each headset features a fully adjustable, soft leather, on-ear cushion, with incredibly simple adjustability through a simple, smooth friction fit. Mono and duo models are available for each headset, from the straightforward entry-level options, to the premium, no-expense-spared, brushed aluminium versions.

Crystal Clear Mic

The in-built, 360° swivel microphone can be used for any orientation that suits you. The mic features an intuitive mute button and LED combo fit into the boom itself, for easily accessible control. For wired versions, further and more detailed controls are accessible via the in-line Combox, with LED notifications and a capacitive touch interface.
Sculptural and functional

A clever piece of engineering - each headset utilises concealed ribbon wiring fit into the aluminium headband for truly light profile, and invisible cushion adjustment. The wireless headsets charge through an incredibly easy to use, magnetic clip basestation, allowing for immediate removal at a moments notice.

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RTX Enterprise Headsets