Premium high pressure washer
Client : Nilfisk
A new addition to the Nilfisk HPW family

Nilfisk adds two fresh models to their model lineup, the EXCELLENT 160 and EXCELLENT 170.
As with the CORE model lineup, Swift Creatives have been involved in every aspect in the design of the new EXCELLENT machines and accessories. 

They are designed to both match the new design language that we developed for the range of CORE machines but at the same time convey the added quality and robustness that comes with the more expensive EXCELLENT lineup.

The encapsulated hose reel combined with the minimalistic frame are just some of the DNA carried over from CORE and it ensures an iconic silhouette that defines the new Nilfisk HPW lineup.
Heavy duty - yet compact

With the new powerful induction motors with metal pumps the EXCELLENT series requires a strong backbone. Despite of the extra power, the machine is still designed with compactness and ease of use in mind. The sturdy metal frame doubles as a telescopic handle so it easily can be minimised for storage and the larger wheels allow for easy transport over rough surfaces.
A single gun to clean everything

Swift Creatives also designed the new multipurpose gun that gives you full control of the the water spray without taking your hands of the gun. With the integrated 3-1 nozzles you can easily change between different cleaning modes without having to disassemble and reattach another specific nozzle.

Good ergonomics of the gun handle and lance has been top of mind as well as making the advanced nozzle switching system easy to understand for the user.
Integrated accessories

Together with the gun, the system also consist of a newly developed Power Foam Blaster and a Low Pressure Nozzle so you can use the cleaner without the lance for smaller jobs in tight spaces.

Both the Power Foam Blaster and low pressure nozzle has integrated holders in the back of the machine so you always have the accessories at hand when needed.

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