Scandinavian design high-pressure washer system
Client : Nilfisk
The Family

The Nilfisk Core range is a series of high-pressure water washers, able to easily handle daily cleaning tasks. The Core removes the technical, machine aesthetic of pressure-washers, and instead offers a streamlined experience and a softer design. The units range from the utilitarian Core 125, to the feature-led Core 140-PC.
The power is in your hands

The Nilfisk Core 140-PC is a high-pressure version of the Core range, with power controls built into the handle for quick adjustments on the fly. The hose reel is integrated and concealed in the front, with a spin of the drum to wrap everything up.
Good design, no frills

The entry-level Core 125 and 130 units still carry the minimal, Scandinavian aesthetic of their bigger brothers, with a concealed, geometric hose holder, front-based power controls and the same powerful, portable look.
High pressure, low effort

The Core range include quick connectors for ease of use - a much more comfortable experience with wet hands than traditional screw thread connections on power-washers. The units also include a high-pressure, Ultra Torque motor for long-lasting, reliable functionality, and a great way to get rid of stubborn dirt.

Nilfisk offer a range of accessories and extras for a better experience for cleaning your home. Patio cleaners, sewer cleaners, rotating brushes and other extras can be stored in the handy accessory bucket, meaning there's no need to keep going back and forth to the garage any more.

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