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Jeep New Model Year Refresh, Social Media & Contest
The Brief:
Every year in September the new line-up of vehicles is released throughout the main web properties. This year our mission was to completely refresh the entire site offering. A brand new look and feel that echoed the new direction in Jeep design. 

The user journey and access to important information like specs, features and major why buys needed to played a key role in the design layout and configuration of content.  

The Design:
Lifting cues from the new sheet metal lines and body styles along with the updated identity guidelines and supporting sales materials, we were able to create a unique, "very Jeep" driven site brand experience. 

The Results:
The final results were a slick, stylish and cool looking interface design that had great functionality, user interaction with the ability for users to easily drill down to the information needed to move the them into the purchase funnel which included a request for a test drive.  

My Role:
Senior Art Director  ///  Graphic Designer 
Worked closely with the UX/UI and IA team. 
Social Media
Creative Direction: Paul Fleming, Art Direction Steve Forrester.

Jeep Drivers are fanatics and love their ride. They also want to show off. The Facebook page was built to give  them the ability to post stunts, cool mods and general Jeep culture. With such an engaged audience it just made sense to build a social platform that was user generated. 

Tag Your Ride Mobile Contest
Creative Direction  ///  Art Direction: Paul Fleming

This mobile advertising campaign was developed to showcase the diverse range of vehicles under the Chrysler brand umbrella. Our objective was to have consumers understand that Chrysler had a range of brands and vehicles to fit any lifestyle. 

By tagging the different cars and trucks to "ener to win", consumers were educating themselves. Consumers that were in the Chrysler family could easily find a new ride that fit their next stage in life and keep them within the brand. While those new to Chrysler could see the breadth of vehicle offerings and their capabilities.

For those who wanted to go further the App would drive to Chrysler's build & price.

Jeep New Model Year Refresh, Social Media & Contest

Jeep New Model Year Refresh, Social Media & Contest