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Nike Canada - Force Fate Winter Olympic Campaign

The Brief:
Team Canada was the favorite to win in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. To a lot of fans, it was a given but for those who where chasing the gold nothing could be left to chance. "Train, Sleep, Repeat." was the mantra. 
For Nike Canada it was a prime opportunity to show just how hard these heroes worked and how they were supported by the brand.

The Solution:
Working with Wieden+Kennedy, creators of the "Force Fate" philosophy we designed and built a custom microsite supported by a massive Digital Marketing Campaign that complimented W+K's integrated marketing strategy.

Using gritty real-world training images and videos we set the stage that, in order to win you have to train hard and persevere. Powerful motivational headlines and copy drove home the need to push yourself to the limits and leave nothing to chance.

The Digital Marketing elements included Online Ads, a blog, a behind the scenes "making of" video, Toronto - Dundas Square digital screens takeover announcing the Nike Official Team Canada Jerseys, a Facebook discussion thread, a calendar of events plus the sponsorship of a youtube personality (Dangle a young super fan that covered all the action from the events and interviewed one on one with the players on the ice and in the locker rooms).

My Role:
ACD  ///  Ideator  ///  Senior Art Director  ///  Graphic Designer
Working with a talented team of UX, UI, and Social Media experts
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Digital Marketing & Online Advertising

TSN Page Takeover

The Dangle Angle - Nike Canada Youtube

Nike Canada - Force Fate Winter Olympic Campaign


Nike Canada - Force Fate Winter Olympic Campaign