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MBC Dealership Consumer Website Rebrand

The Brief:
Mercedes Benz has always been about positioning itself as a high-end luxury brand with a focus on German precision and style.
The Issue:
As each Dealership was creating it’s own digital experience the existing Dealer portal landscape was hard to navigate and completely off brand. 

The Ask: 
MB needed to build brand continuity across all Dealer sites. A digital presence that correctly reflected their brand look and messaging. A seamless experience no matter which inroad a customer approached from or dealer door they walked in. 

The Solution:
The creation of a single portal that gave each dealer the ability to customize content based on their location, trends and current offers while maintaining the MB brand standards. Integrated with a standalone Mobile App, OLA and OOH.

The Results:
An overall increase in Test Drive bookings, on site retention as well as a hugh growth in customer insight based on new data collection abilities. 

My Role:
Creative Director  ///  Client Liaison & Presenter  ///  Brand Marshall  ///  Art Director  ///  Team Lead

Consultant to UX/UI and IA. 
Oversight of entire project, leading a hand picked team of talented creatives:
ACD: Steve Saviky  ///  Art Directors: Stanley Callender, Dwayne Grech, Guto Novelli  ///  Writer: Jenny Millar Wilcox
Dealership AGM Sizzle Reel
OOH - Creative Directior  ///  Art Director  ///  Writer:  Paul Fleming
MBC Dealership Consumer Website Rebrand

MBC Dealership Consumer Website Rebrand