Samcon University Campaign

Samcon, a real-estate development company, ran a series of advertisements aimed at students in universities across Montreal. The ads ran on all major campuses and in neighbouring cafés and restaurants.

Advertising, Creative Direction, Graphic Design

Objective: The client wanted to get students to consider the trade-offs of renting and owning, and to aspire these future buyers to invest early. These advertisements were not intended to convert into immediate sales, but to position Samcon as a top-of-mind condo developer. 

Approach:  A set of independent campaign messages were developed, each approaching condo ownership from a different angle, which were establish with the client based on the company's value-proposition. 
For (rent) sale at $776/month
Rent used or buy new?
My place. Always.
Thinking of buying?
Rent  -  Buy
A new condo starting at 776$/month. How much is your rent?