Webmovement Branding

To stay competitive and up-to-date with industry trends, it is critical for small agencies like ours to periodically revisit and rethink the agency's positioning. Following this exercise, a revised brand aesthetic, new concept business cards and website were designed.
Branding, Print Design, Web Design, Copywritting

Finding an appropriate label for cross-disciplinary work is difficult both as a freelancer and company. Picking any specific designation—like web development, design or marketing—fails to encompass the breadth of services. The existing umbrella terms—like turn-key and full-service—have been widely overused, and any new term would not bring any more clarity or credibility. 

After months of thinking, writing, and conversations with mentors and fellow freelancers, I realized that I needed to embrace my multi-faceted profile. The breath of services is a distinguishing value for smaller businesses that cannot afford the overhead of larger agencies, and the overlapping knowledge of each fields makes for unique opportunities to find creative and affordable solutions for clients. 

The core pillars: 

▲ Design: Creative thinking lies at the core of our approach. Design informs both the strategy and the technological solution.

▲ Business: The business strategy is the starting point for any project, it guides every decision towards the desired objectives.

▲ Technology: Choosing the right tool for the job is essential. Technical solutions must be both effective and affordable.

▲ People: Understanding the end-user perspective not only informs the presentation, but is inherent to the design and implementation.
“The Book”

I originally set-off to combine unpublished blog posts about the overlaps and interactions of design, business, technology and people. The branding for Webmovement was largely inspired from these ideas, while collection of writing is passed from one draft to the next. The final “book” may end up as a physical print, but most likely will be a series of posts or e-mails, or whatever will make sense at the time. If you are curious or want to motivate me to finish, please drop me your email.
Business Cards

The standard-sized business card folds into a tetrahedron pyramid, where the four sides represent fields of expertise of the company: design (UX/UI, print, service and interior), business (marketing), technology (programming) and people (communications). 
Each face of the tetrahedron pyramid shares a side with every other face, which is reflective of the simultaneous and intimate interplay between the four fields—the core principal in the company's approach.
Website and Video

Fun facts: 
 • The intro video (desktop version only) was shot and edited in one Friday afternoon (the idea was sparked by lunchtime beers).
 • The billboard in the aerial video had to be added in AfterEffects onto an existing video because of UAV flight restrictions.
 • The copy on the about page took about as long to write as most of the front-end code.
Video footage and editing by Mateo Stabio