Other Projects

A collection of small / fun / other projects that were not serious enough to warrant a page of their own in the portfolio.

Misc, Fun
Sagmeister Data

Back in the spring my interest was piqued by a series of Instagram surveys by Stefan Sagmeister, that were drawing thousands of votes, and since then I’ve been using JavaScript code to count and visualize the results.

For some surveys, it was interesting to visualize the geographic location of each vote, and to look for patterns in different regions of the world. One of these was on the different poster options for the Happy Film.
The poster versions were designed for the film’s different distribution areas, and I was curious to see the geographic distribution of people’s preferred designs.

⇒​​​​​​​ View the full post and live map on Medium ⇐
Raptorize Chrome Extension

A Chrome Extensions to make everyone web browsing experience more enjoyable, any page is more awesome with some RAWWWWR. Adapted from a script written by Zurb's Playground, the plugin unleashes a raptor on any open page. 
At the height of its glory, Raptorize had close to 3,000 active weekly users. It also received raving reviews: 

“Without a doubt the dumbest thing in the entire store. I love it!”
—Finbarr (Jun 16, 2015)

Following this astounding success, a sequel extension Goatarize was released. Goat bleating vocal credits to my lovely and talented partner Kaitlyn.

Get them on your Chrome browser: 
 • Raptorize
 • Goatarize
Gmail Image Width Fix

A Chrome extension for something that bugged me for ages: the Gmail window being stretched when a very large image is attached inline in an email. Over 4,500 weekly users at the time of writing.