Co-Expo Mobile App

Mobile app prototype designed and developped during MuséoMix Montréal. Co-Expo allows visitiors of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to access additional content about the works displayed in the permanent exhibition. 

UI/UX, Web Dev

As part of the 3-day hackathon, multi-disciplinary teams of designers, programmers, researchers and other creatives were to develop and prototype a technological installation in the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal. 
My role in the project: contributing to the development of the business model, design application flow and interface, develop a functional prototype for mobile devices, and assist in developing VR experience.

Our team sough to enrich existing exhibits by providing additional layer of content that is co-created with a partner organisation as means to develop new revenue models for the museum. As opposed to traditional sponsorship, co-created content is a win-win-win for the sponsor, museum and audience alike. 
The prototype demonstrated a fictive partnership with a fashion show, where works in the permanent collection were overlaid with information on textiles, techniques and fashion trends that can be seen in the portraits of the past century. 
VR Experience

An Oculus Rift (Dev Kit 2) was used to supplement the app with immersive content. VR was a challenging medium to use for traditional content, but it also revealed unique opportunities to present information in ways that are otherwise impossible in the material world. A selected room in the museum was virtualized and content was overlaid on the works. Additionally, a seamless 360° lace pattern was stitched to submerge the viewer into a larger-than-life environment, where the material's texture is seen in a completely new way–a way that a mobile application or information booklet could not show. 
Photos by MuseoMix