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Ephemeral New York

Ephemeral New York

As part of the requirements for the Summer Studies program at the School of Constructed Environments at Parsons School of Design, New School, students were asked to develop a concept for a gallery for and artist resident. 

--- Site: triangular lot at Commerce St. and 7th avenue, at the heart of Greenwich Village. Program: a permanent gallery with selected NY artifacts, a temporary art gallery, and living and work space for the visiting artist.
Architecture, Interior Design

Changes and shifts within the various neighbourhoods and communities of NYC are altering the urban fabric of significant places, and the authenticity of their cultural past is forgotten or reduced to decoration. 

A diverse gallery space and artist residence was to be developed on a triangular lot on the intersection of Commerce St. meets 7th avenue (Greenwich Village, NYC). The program was to house a permanent gallery with selected artifacts, a temporary gallery, and a living and work space for visiting artists.

Program Learning Outcomes:
• Design process and design iteration
• Site analysis and mapping
• Diagramming and design concept illustration
• Sketching, drawing and mixed media
• Model making
• Technical drawing (digitally and by hand)
• 3D modeling (Rhino, SketchUp)
• Perspective drawing (digitally, by hand and mixed media)

I thought there was something beautiful and refreshing in the vast voids left by the single-story building in an otherwise crowded and dense urban environment. In my design, I wanted to give that space back to the community and surrounding environment.

My concept was to use the site a public space for pedestrians and the surrounding community to use and enjoy as they please. Visitors would flow in and out freely, and yet each one could call the space, even if momentarily, their own. The focus of the design is to create a space that is accessible and inviting, and to blur the thresholds between the public and private space.
Final Scale Model

1/4" = 1' scale
Materials: museum board, wood, acetate, paper cement, white glue. Tools: Alfa knife, ruler. 
Perspective Rendering and Digital Model
Scribe Relief Model
Select Diagrams and Sketches
Ephemeral New York

Ephemeral New York