Fawen Drinkable Soups. Branding, Packaging

FAWEN is an organic drinkable soup. It is also the result of Amanda Bowen and Fabio Fossati passion to create a nutritious and delicious power snack, using pure plant energy eco-friendly recyclable packaging. 

Visual Identity
We designed Fawen’s visual identity to ensure it maintains impactful, recognisable, and distinct communications. Its unique identity, color palette, and typographic style create an original framework for the brand, helping it distinguish itself amongst competitors. It is meant to be used to inspire and motivate creative expression, both strong core values of the brand.

Packaging Design 
We created a system that allowed the 3 (5 to be) flavours to flourish but yet be recognisable within a consistent visual code. The color scheme and the logotype itself mutate to integrate the ingredients of each soup. A system of illustrated patterns and pictograms was developed to allow a richer expression of each flavour. These patterns work as Fawen's iconic graphic resources and are used throughout the brand’s packaging and other applications, achieving the unity of the brand as a whole. 
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Updated Packaging Design in 2017

Art Direction
We worked with the photographer Aiala Hernando to capture the products in their right element through her clear lens. The products were composed in different still life, shot in natural light, showing the true beautiful colour and energy of the ingredients and soups. A lifestyle approach and the brand values guide the photography, combining a fun creative fine balance of a modern brand. 

Web Design
The role of the visual universe created for Fawen has been fundamental to transfer the brand to a website. We designed a bespoke page where the imagery could have the space and time it deserves. The brand audience needed a site where they could fully understand the brand values and get to know close each product. We conceived a digital platform where content and shop work coherently within the necessities of the brand.
Web design
Several Collaterals
Creative Agency: Franklin 11
Art Direction & Graphic Design​: Workship (Pilar Sola)
Still Life Photography: Aiala Hernando
Packaging illustration: Amfi Studio​​​​​​​
Product Photography: JovalArderiu Studio 
Client: Fawen
Location: NY, USA

Packaging Contents: Soups made out of whole, organic vegetables, without the need for artificial additives or preservatives. Packaging Substrate / Materials: TetraPack. Printing Process: Flexography
Fawen Drinkable Soups. Branding, Packaging

Fawen Drinkable Soups. Branding, Packaging

Visual Identity, Art Direction and Packaging Design for Fawen Drinkable Soups.