10th Anniversary Fedrigoni Spain
10th Anniversary Fedrigoni Spain

In 2018 we were commissioned to elevate Fedrigoni’s brand, a 125th years old premium paper company, by designing their logo for the 10th Anniversary of the settlement of its first branch office in Spain.

Timeless elegance and prestige

We aim to create a recognisable and iconic symbol that embodies the traditional and the contemporary, exudes luxury and is able to relate to the brand’s life journey. By replacing the number zero per a one, we could obtain the 10th, lingering in that passage of time. The serif typography of high contrast balanced between classic, modern and exclusive experience.

The color scheme was conceptualised to communicate the exceptionality of the anniversary as well as the premium quality of the product. We envisioned to enhance the paper quality and the festive occasion with the Pantone metallics range and hot foil stamping.

10th Anniversary Fedrigoni Spain