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Trava Home

Trava Home 
—A newly responsible home decor brand

Trava Home is a newly responsible home decor brand that connects with customers offering sustainable outdoor rugs that are made from recycled materials and are reversible, waterproof, and easy to clean. Trava Home claims that modern living starts with mindful decoration. Beauty is in the look of its products, but also in the benefits inside.  

Beauty is in the details

Inspired by the homy feeling of special corners and delicate decor details that we can find in every home, we designed a recognisable and iconic logotype based on an extravagant sans serif. An elegant typeface that combines ornamentation with a modern rational view, and we customized the R and the M embracing the idea of a decorative creative detail while bringing in a sense of responsible shift.

Color palette

Its color schem relates to a Modern Home as well as to Sustainability and Creativity values: it combines Mint green, light Clay, Copper and a fresh Lagoon Green.
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Guidelines for Art direction in Photography.
Trava Home spaces are real.

Trava homes have vibrant color details, are honest about their imperfections, and confident of their sense of style and individuality. They are attainable, not luxurious. They are aspirational because there is a wonderful vibe all around with soothing light without romanticizing or exaggerating the feeling of wellbeing. Photography states that it is not about wealth, it is about the details. 

Please note Workship has been in charge of the Brand Book photographic style guidelines. The actual Brand photography has been carried out by another team/agency under the art direction of Bethany Schrock.

Iconography style

In order to convey simple, direct messages, we also worked on an Iconography Library. Previous exploration with the typographic shapes invited us to play around and turn them into different concepts that elevated the visual discourse of the brand. The icon set seeks formal coherence with the logo and enjoyment through visual simplicity and conceptual boldness. ​​​​​​​

Creative direction, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Iconography Design

Trava Home