Merlyn Mind
Merlyn Mind 
—Transforming an AI technology to a relatable experience every step of the journey
Merlyn Mind is a technology company that provides AI-based solutions to empower educators. Believing AI can be purpose-built to help society’s most important contributors, Merlyn developed the world’s first digital assistant to help teachers focus on what matters most: their students.
Taking the Modernist Design approach, we seek to make a visual statement on the integrity of form, color, simplicity, and clarity. 
Our goal was for Merlyn, –an AI assistant designed to help teachers– to be perceived as a seamless omnipresence, that doesn't impose or interfere, but only awaits to be helpful. Somehow, where playfulness re-establishes the bridge between technology and the public.

Stationary and Ppt Spreads
Building the Symbol
Designed on the same grid as the product symbols, the dot circular cloud was designed following a geometric and mathematical ratio, and finally adjusted by visually balancing the white spaces. The color proportions convey the full spectrum of the logotype and are sequenced to guide eye movement around the letterform M, while conveying an organic, playful, and apparent randomness.

The diameter of the smallest dot and the minimum distance of the adjacent dots was carefully studied in order to have optimal scalability and to be able to reproduce our symbol on any given surface.

Brand Architecture
—Implementing a visual system to products

The way of thinking and design development goes deeper than the core elements, a family of badges was developed to help to express a wide range of applications.

Along with developing the logotype, we've chosen a geometric sans-serif typeface and appointed a typographic hierarchy to complement the logo in product lockups and support identifying materials. This allows us to maintain an appropriate level of distinction between the Merlyn Mind logotype and the product name. 

The following examples show a bit of the thinking that went into the system.​​​​​​​

Brand Architecture Construction

Applying the visual system 
—Iconography, Illustration and Photography Style
Iconography Style
In order to convey direct, simple messages, we've also worked on an Iconography Library. The exploration with shapes and color invited us to play around with the negative space and the final result of the iconographic language elevated the brand's visual discourse. The icon is the smallest piece of this system but also seeks enjoyment through visual simplicity and conceptual boldness. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Spreads of the Illustration Style on Merlyn Mind's Brand Book
An Illustration Library was designed to give yet another layer of comprehensive messaging. Several characters and classroom situations were developed to help illustrate practical examples of product usage.

Symphony Classroom
—The first Merlyn Mind AI appliance
Symphony Classroom is an AI appliance which combines hardware, AI services, and software to support teachers in their classrooms. This solution features Merlyn, the world's first digital assistant for education, and was designed to help teachers navigate all of the technology in their classrooms seamlessly and naturally, removing friction and frustration. The AI software platform makes it possible for Merlyn to respond to teacher commands, integrate with the devices and applications teachers already use, and constantly learn and improve the shortcuts Merlyn provides to help teachers with their work.
"Using Symphony Classroom means I'm no longer looking at a screen, and every moment I'm not looking at a screen is a moment I'm looking at a student."

— High School English Teacher
Out of Home Mockups
We also had the pleasure of directing a photography style, designing out-of-home banners as well as the packaging for Symphony Classroom, and afterward product packagings, hence developing a visual brand language exclusive to Merlyn Mind. The boxes were made with recycled paper and silk screened in one color ink, sealed with the corporate orange dot circle sticker.
Symphony Classroom Packaging: Mailing Boxes
Packaging Collection


Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Photography Art Direction, Illustration Art Direction, Illustration, Package Design

Design: Workship
Illustration: Isaac Claramunt
Merlyn Mind

Merlyn Mind

Brand Identity for Merlyn Mind, the technology company behind Merlyn, the first digital assistant for education. Merlyn seamlessly integrates int Read More