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    paper-like porcelain sculptures
The Memory of Paper
porcelain sculptures
Ourhistory is a curious story. A story intimately connected to thehistory of paper. Paper remembers
our stories, keeps them safe, andbrings back memories. Think about an origami piece you made for
yourmother as a child; A funny post-it note left on your fridge by a goodfriend; The napkin with a coffee ring on it saved from the sweetfirst date. I wish all these items lasted forever.
Paper,like a moment, is a precious thing; fragile, fleeting, transitory andeasily destroyed. Iplayed with techniques and materials to make paper immortal. Icreated a new world, where I make the rules, break them, and play.
50x70 cm wallpiece   
Icapture the memory of paper in real timelessness; to combine thevulnerability of paper and the permanency of porcelain. Porcelain,virtually immune to the passing of time and also the medium
I knowbest.
50x70 cm  
A/4 sized sheet  
Ina self developed process I explored the dualistic timeless nature ofpaper and find new ways of creating. Thisway I directly transfer the feeling of its surface, its thinness,colour and creases into
its new existence.
Duringthis process we all worked together: the paper, the fire, theporcelain and me - I start, they finish - and as the paper burns awaythe final imprint is made. Like reincarnation the paper is reborn asporcelain, still carrying the beloved characteristics of paper. Thepaper is gone, forever here, a memory is saved for ever.
A/4 sized sheet  
A/5 sized sheet