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    Hug cups with external handle
Hug your cup
unique porcelain cups
I believe we give special attention to things we use in our every day life. We like to have personal relation
to the objects we touch closely, such as a cup. The Hug cup series create a very close touch to the surface, that you can’t avoid. The internal handle allows you to hug the cup with your hand while still feeling the comfort of a handle, almost like hug your warm tea. The whole cup creates an intimate tunnel through the cup itself for your finger, you may enjoy the heat of your beverage without burning your palm.
It is a very simple design, an idea, outlandish, but simple. It's a fun object that brings a little colour to your day. I played around with the shape and with function. It's unexpected, surprising, and maybe a little weird.
It is fun, but it is very serious and reasonable at the same time. It's actually a suitable product for people living with osteoarthritis or other painful joint related diseases.
It's easy to grab and hold, even if you have problems with your hands. It's a fun, engaging object that wouldn't make you feel like an outcast from society due to your special needs.
These unique porcelain cups made by hand with slipcasting and handshaping.
The ready prototypes have a soft flock layer on the surface for insolation.
It is a simple product, but also a concept. A reminder to not forget that Life is fun.
A symbol of the integration of fun and function, desire and need. Putting care and inclusion into everyday design.
It’s fun and quirky, even surprising your expectations. Maybe that is the reason most people just fell in love with it.
peek in the process of prototyping
The first casting mould.
The prototype was made at Kahla Porzellan GmbH, Kahla, Germany, during Kahla Kreativ Workshop in 2010. The special Flock cover for insolation is Kahla's special secret.