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    Flexible porcelain surface for exploration and sensation
Please TOUCH
investigation about the sensation and perception of ceramics
Recontextualizing ceramics as a design element
Ceramic objects are commonly made to address basic functionalities and be visually appealing. In this project the focus is on the senses that are excluded in the usual process of perception, like the touch, sound, expectations, movement, weight... the very feeling of the material. 
I involve sensations and perception and create unusual scenarios where I question the very core image of ceramics in people's mind. My goal is to first break down the preconceptions and give a very new and undefined experience, open up the viewer to new thoughts and then leave them curious for more.
I rather design function and user experience than appearance by involving senses and phenomenology as a starting point. I create ceramic pieces that has the potential to grow into spacial applications and give a total experience of the unexpected, all that is unknown to this material. I use fragility as a notion, I capture it's essence in the look, in sound, in the touch and in the feeling, the very existence of it.
"Touch" is only one part of the project called recontextualising ceramic as a design element.
I play with the expectations we have towards ceramics and turn them into the confusion we feel when the expectation is not fulfilled, capturing the moment of unknown in a known permanent material and lift the experience into the space.
It becomes a platform for surprise, reevaluation and reconsideration. With my experimental pieces I bring the material closer to the human body, awake curiosity and trigger the critical thinking towards our surrounding.
The result of this experimental research project is presented by 3 objects. one of them is this, the "Touch!" or "Push!" 
a flexible porcelain surface for surprising sensation. 
The whole installation consist of three 45x45 cm pieces, hanging on the wall, waiting to be touched and interacted with.
testing of the surface on a playful show room event
testings for the developing of this surface into a floor tile application
playful show room event where everything was for touch