Illuminated porcelain surface
sound diffuser surface made out of recycled porcelain
This curious wall piece visually describes fragility that you experience with all senses while realising what the object really is.
Porcelain is a very strong, durable and sustainable material with many great benefits. But as a professional working with porcelain I am very aware of the impact it's production has on our environment. When porcelain is fired on high temperature it becomes almost indestructible and if it breaks or gets thrown away there is no way to recycle the material.
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Factories who are selling first choice porcelain often have up to 30% waste during their production.
It means that the waste they create directly goes to landfill and invisibly pollute nature.
Therefore I am very conscious of my own production, but even while working with great care accidents always happen and I end up with non-disposable trash.
This piece is made out of my own studio waste in different sizes. I broke all unfortunate pieces down to shards and put it together as one unique surface. Which could be my proposal for collaboration projects that can be done at factories as well.
Beside recycling this work is also about the personal experience. The curious wall piece visually describes fragility and when touched the surface made of individual pieces is moving and brings the sound of porcelain alive. You experience the fragility with all senses while realising what the object really is.
first smaller test piece
This piece is part and result of my ongoing research project about the new and innovative usage of porcelain.
Abstarct of the research: With the material in focus I started a practical experiment and personal investigation about possibilities to recontextualise ceramics for the use of everyday design and spacial situations. I explore my passion for ceramics from the perspective of design, and develop my own method of experimental research.
In this study I want to bring the material closer to the human body, awake curiosity and trigger the critical thinking towards our surrounding by involving non-visual sensation and phenomenology into the process of perception.
The goal is to break down the preconceptions about ceramics and to give a surprising and un- defined experience, open up the viewer to new thoughts and then leave them curious for more.
I aim to change the passive role of ceramics and bring this versatile material into the room, create a meeting point for the viewer and the experience in space. I seek the forgotten, surpris- ing and unexperienced and show curious scenarios to engage interaction by responsive ceram- ic artefacts that carries the potential to grow into spacial functional objects. By doing so I hope to inspire other professionals to use ceramics in their own work. 
This porcelain surface is very responsive and made to be touched. First I more use this idea as a reason to discuss recycling and awareness within the ceramic field than to use it as a functional surface. I really care for the topic of recycling when it comes to porcelain production because the ecological footprint is just too great to be ignored. Here I aim to find a way to use the waste of factories in an aesthetic, even functional solution that could make a difference in large scale.
Thanks to the beauty and transparency of quality porcelain the surface is fascinating both in daylight and when lit as well.
In the making
in the making: breaking down my waste
in the making: fitting together the shards
The surface is flat but very 3 dimensional and bounces the sound in many directions, making it a perfect sound diffuser in a fine aesthetic form.
in the making: ready assembled piece
Second chance

Second chance

Illuminated sound diffuser surface made out of recycled porcelain. The curious wall piece visually describes fragility that You experience with a Read More