The rebuilding of its neighbour (other half of this pair of semi-detached house) dwarfed the original house and owner wanted a new house to be comparable if not taller than its neighbour; this became the starting point of #6.
As the same planning parameters are applicable to all houses within the neighbourhood, the new ‘extension’ will be of the same height and volume as its neighbours if they are all rebuilt to the maximum allowable.
The challenge was to make a new front ‘extension’ that appears taller then allowable and the design, in particular the elevational design, strived to address that.
The permissible building volume is sliced by large canopies, with floor lines masked behind ‘bands’ of ventilation blocks formed by the amalgamation of clerestory windows and parapet walls in this building material, resulting in a house with multiple stacked volumes. The placement of ventilation blocks of diminishing sizes from the largest modules within the lowest 'band' to the smallest modules in the topmost 'band', accentuates the building height through false perspectives.
Arriving at a long drive-way of the new 'extension', a new flight of steps behind a screen wall, leading up to... elevated high ceiling Patio...
...leaving behind the Car Porch and the road.
Stepping into the Living and Dining, the existing staircase, with a new 'peek-a-boo' screen that rises over the existing atrium, connects the upper levels.
Advancing further into the house, a new covered courtyard takes central position...
...and provides visual connections.
The new 'peek-a-boo' screen conceals and reveals the proceeding spaces as one ascends the original staircase.
In the Family Area within the original house, one catches a glimpse of the Master Suite (within the new extension) and a new flight of stairs along the party wall.
In the Master Suite, a flight of steps leads up to the resting / sleeping zone elevated above its neighbours. Behind the bedhead is the Master Bath and Walk-in Wardrobe.
Placed within the 'gap', between the new extension and its adjoining neighbour, is the Master Bath that opens up to a view towards a planter.
Looking down, one retraces the path that leads up.
A new flight of stairs 'snakes' up and leads to the top-most floor... the new attic with a view angled to the main thoroughfare and away from its immediate neighbour.
The unique deployment of readily available ventilation blocks and simple climatic devices such as deep overhangs in #6 resulted in a sculptural quality for the new extension.
As the sun sets, light seeps through from the interior to accentuate the floating planes and perforated 'boxes'.
Lower and Upper 1st Storey Layout Plans.
Lower and Upper 2nd Storey Layout Plans.
Attic and Roof Plans.


#6 is an A&A (Additions and Alterations) to an existing pair of semi-detached houses in the eastern part of Singapore. This pair of houses, 'mirr Read More