The design strategy comprises of a timber screen that stretches from the Foyer to the Living, Dining and culminates at the Master Bedroom, binding the new requirements and the existing interior as one.
Arriving at a dimly-lit foyer, there is a compression of space and a screen that shields the views beyond.
Looking back at the Foyer, the screen binds the 3 spaces and sets the ‘stage’ for Arrival, Resting, Entertaining and Dining.
The screen continues from the Dining all the way to the last space: the Master Bedroom.
Along the way to the Master Bedroom, one encounters the Walk-in Wardrobe. 
The Walk-in Wardrobe, designed to be completely open, houses and displays the owner's collection of clothes, shoes and accessories.
Filtered daylight illuminates the Walk-in Wardrobe.
Leaving the Walk-in Wardrobe behind, the platform bed is unveiled in sequence.
A screen and an elevated platform separates the space for relaxation from the study.
The journey culminates at the platform bed with a distant view angled towards the harbour.
Layout Plan


#9 is a partial interior fitting-out to an existing apartment. The original apartment was appointed in a palette of materials comprising of white Read More