LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7
Lego Harry Potter : Years 5-7
Video Game Print Ad Campaign (2011)

Magazine Covers/Print Ads Comps and Finals
*Comp 2 was a spin off on one of the many Deathly Hallows movie promo posters.
*Comp 4 was referenced from a scene in Order of the Phoenix movie.

My version of Burning Hogwarts Background
After imported the provided in game mesh asset of the Castle,  I setup the desired camera position plus lighting and rendered the background plate of the structure.  The reference image of burning Hogwarts I used was the one from the Deathly Hallows poster and was fine not to match it.   Mask out the areas of destruction then paint in flame smoke EFX using Photoshop.  Lastly drop in photo of sunset sky that my client took while he was in Europe.  There were additional color and contrast adjustments to make it work with the different layout of the first and second magazine covers/print ad images above.