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    Editorial illustration for a magazine double page spread article
The brief was to use our design and software skills to produce an double page spread editorial. Having read the body copy, we had to find keywords that supplied and inspired visual image and thus illustrate this to compliment the copy.

From the ‘Rainbow Nation’ article by Dion Chang, is about 12 tribes across contemporary South Africa, in terms of cultural influence and spending power. The article has a lot of colloquialisms and stereotypical connotations that South Africans find humourous. I found the ‘Diamond Chips’ section interesting. It is about young people of today, who did not experience Apartheid and are generally unaffected, firsthand, by the scars held by their parents. I envisioned a dark and gloomy illustration, to represent the turbulent past, with the urban twentysomethings and all they represent being brightly coloured, so as to encapsulate the notion that they are the future, unaffected by apartheid and illuminated with hope and possibilities.

My illustration is inpired by the paraphrase: “Famous for splurging on clothes and cars, they are sometimes known to have more flash than cash...(yet) they live in fear of falling back into the old African poverty trap their parents escaped from in the 1990s.”