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    Assignment to promote myself and my Graphic Design skills
''A good logo or brand doesn't just say who you were; it also explains who you will become next"

The aim of this assignment is to promote myself and my Graphic Design skills to prospective employers. The brief challenged us to design a campaign which would communicate that I am a thinking, competent Designer, able to function productively in the Graphic Design industry. I, thus, had to design a creative curriculum vitae
and a campaign in the form of a corporate identity and promotional t-shirts and such. I wanted my creative CV to not only resemble my personality, but my capabilities as well.

From my “About Me” spider-map, I picked out words like:- inquisitive, unconventional, versatile, curious, and ‘dream big’; and I explored ‘Think Outside The Box’ as my first core concept. As ‘The Box’ symbolises rigidity; constrained and unimaginative thinking, I felt like this was a perfect starting point for me as I wanted to express that I always think differently and with new perspectives when I am faced with a design challenge. I am an unconventional thinker. I consider concept as the most important component of any design, and I wanted to promote that quality for this assignment.

I am Nokuzola.