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    Cookbook design proposal
Neil Roake, from the Modern Museum, and author of numerous internationally award winning cookbooks, briefed us to design a cookbook layout, under the concept and title “Gold Diggers” which would inspire and suggest a style and editorial layout.
The overall concept of the “Gold Diggers” cookbook is when people move to Johannesburg in search of a better life. Neil is wanting to produce a cookbook which will incorporate and cater to all communities influenced by JHB and South African food. This cookbook is meant to cater to a large variety of persons and cultures which are prone to their own style and methods of cooking while ultimately being who have come together to redefine and form a new community of JHB and share with each other their life stories and favourite recipes.

From this understanding, I gathered that JHB is a ‘melting pot’ of people, cultures and personalities who all generally gathered there in the pursuit of ‘a better life’. Being that ‘melting pot’ is a metaphor for a diverse society becoming one of similar and common ‘adapted’ culture. This idea led me to think of kaleidoscopes, which are simply facets of colour formed by light reflecting off mirrors, to form a beautiful symmetrical pattern.