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    LP album cover design for a fantasy band
The brief was to design an LP album cover for a fantasy band or a new interpretation of a classic LP cover from the 60s for the 27th issue of iJusi (the LP Vinyl Record issue).

I was inspired by the well known "Sticky Fingers" LP cover by The Rolling Stones. This led me to explore Xhosa ritual circumcision. Looking at Die Antwoord’s ‘Evil Boy’ video, which challenges Xhosa cultural circumcision, and says “I don’t wanna be a man”, I found my concept. I created a fantasy band made up of a group of modern Xhosa guys who choose to rebel against their culture. I decided to name the band “The Mutinious Boys” and have the album cover be “I Don’t Wanna Be A Man”, with the cover imagery suggesting influence from The Rolling Stones’ “Sticky Fingers” album aswell as the in-your-face solution of Alice Cooper’s album covers. I looked at other bands with covers which had sexual innuendo or sexual stereotypes, including Andy Warhol’s Velvet Underground. This is my final design solution:
Converting the LP cover design into a more practical CD format: