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    Packaging and Brand Activation
FFWD is currently marketed as a energy bar for young people who live life in the fast lane. FFWD is a brand for people who are lively, impulsive and who crave adrenaline rushes and energy boosts. FFWD’s positioning statement says, “Life is fast. You’re either on the crest of the wave, or paddling after it. Only FFWD helps you to push life and enjoyment to unknown limits”.

Compared to other ‘energy’ products on the market, including energy drinks and energy bars, FFWD is unique in its positioning platform and its target market focus.Inthis society, a trend of being health conscious and environmentally friendly, and only purchase food products that are organic, is on the rise. It is, however, undoubted that energy products are significant on the South African market, as so many people generally are on the move and seek instant gratification. Many products and services are instant, and the fast food industry is escalating despite the credit crunch, proving that FFWD is a relevant product in today’s market. I have thus gathered that FFWD is an energy packed chocolate bar for young people with their fingers on the pulse.


In keeping with the general cultural and ethical setting along with the general sociocultural implications and mood of our nation’s current era, I would suggest that consumers who purchase FFWD aren’t simply all young people, as Tiger Brands has previously been marketing the product. Instead of generalizing, I see FFWD patrons as ‘millennials’ or Generation Y and Generation Z young people. These millenials are people between the ages of 14-29 who are of LSM 4-8. Aiming FFWD to these consumers who seek an instant boost of energy at moments when things are hip and happening, e.g. parties, concerts, social gatherings, will broaden the products current target market. The plan is to market FFWD as a lifestyle brand of chocolate, so as to reach all races, genders, ages and cultures. I will target young people from the high school stages till they reach the work place, as everybody wants to fit in. I seek to start a culture of ‘blue tongues’, where in a social setting, if one does not have a blue tongue, because of FFWD’s blue ingredients, one is not cool and is out of the loop.
(posters and banners)

I propose to create awareness and reintroduce this product to the South African market by organising national competitions where FFWD chocolate will be promoted. These competitions will be held in ‘trendy’ places ie. high schools, dance or music studios, clubs and at sports events.

There will also be a competition launch where FFWD will invite its patrons to take images of their blue tongues, after having had consumed FFWD in interesting places or moments, and upload them onto various social media accounts, and then have the entrant with the most likes or comments win a trip for them and a group of their friends to a fun, prestigious location in South Africa. The aim will be to use images of the winner’s fun trip to further promote the brand and become a must-have lifestyle product, by suggesting that events or moments aren’t awesome until one consumes the FFWD energy bar.

Considering how tuned in to the social media our target market is, I will plaster Facebook, Twitter and QR codes, which will offer extensive information on the competitions on flyers and posters.
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