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HK.L // Sound System Concept

Industrial Design

Starting from the Iconic Harman Kardon design language,
HK.L explores a new sound narrative through the use of light.

The wireless speaker produces audio excellence, and accompanies the sound with beautiful
patterns of light that are created in real time, synchronised with the music being played.
Arrays of individually addressable OLEDs are laid inside the upper core of the design,
the patterns of emitted light are reflected onto the polished aluminium lower core.

An embedded micro-controller operates as the music visualiser. It is programmed to use real-time music
properties (e.g. changes in the music amplitude, frequency, wavelength, etc. ) to control the light patterns.

All controls are located at the top for ease of use and accessibility.

Power the speaker and control the media via the central disc.
Tap to play/pause, double-tap to skip, triple-tap to repeat.

The capacitive, touch-sensitive outer rim allows for simple
volume control and syncing with your cloud devices.

Ports for battery charge, computational information transmission
and headphone connectivity are located at the back.

The connection ports are easily identifiable through clear semiotics,
these are subtly tilted towards the user.
A cover made of stretch fabric protects the upper drivers from dust and damage.
It is simple to remove and replace for cleaning.

The speaker incorporates 6 x 1.5” mid and high range driver units laid out in a
360° configuration in the upper section, and 1 x 4.5” sub-woofer driver facing down in
the lower section. The casing is designed to be bass ported.

Designed for optimum audio performance, the central core maximises airflow through
the speaker and creates an omni-directional sound experience.
For more insights on my design process: @gianniteruzzi

HK.L // Sound System Concept

HK.L // Sound System Concept

HK.L is a wireless speaker concept design that explores a new sound narrative for Harman Kardon through the use of light.