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Tempo // Sport Metronome Concept

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The Opportunity
Music plays a vital role in the territory of sport and exercise science; decades of research have proven the positive and motivational impact music has on our performances. Music however also has the secondary effect of getting us off our own rhythm because we naturally and unconsciously pace ourselves to the tune's tempo. Most of us therefore tend to avoid music whilst exercising, unless it is specifically set up to guide and motivate our pace (e.g. a spin class). 

The Offering
Tempo empowers you to smash through your targets faster, by leveraging the motivational power of rhythm in music.

Control your Motivation
Tempo is a sport metronome that enables you to conveniently & rapidly control and adjust 
the beat that you listen to on-the-go, in the middle of an exercise or throughout a routine.

The Earphones
The earphones are designed to tap directly into musical platforms such as Spotify 
and Apple Music, streaming the music directly via radio frequency to your ears.

The right earphone gives control over the rhythm of the music. It enables you to define the value of 
the BPM, to which Tempo will filter and stream accordingly from your favourite musical platform.
Tap to set your pace.
Tempo enables you to switch between manual (M) and automated (A), 
the latter controls the BPM through your heart rate.
The left earphone gives you media control: play, pause, skip, repeat, together with volume control.
The Driver
Tempo doubles up as a remote control. Designed for team leaders and coaches, 
the driver syncs up with Tempo earphones to drive the collective rhythm of a team.

Fully water resistant and shockproof, the Tempo driver also comes with 16GB of memory,
providing full musical and motivational coverage in the most remote areas.
The beat value can be defined by moving the slider up or down to reach the desired BPM value.
The BPM value displays on a concave screen during operation. A subtle resistive feedback 
gives confidence of use and glides the slider back into its central position once released.
The Case
Tempo comes with a portable case that enables charging & protection for the earphones only, and for the whole set.
Power and data transfer can be achieved via USB-C.

A set of five LEDs provides guidance on charge and battery status.
Tempo // Sport Metronome Concept

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Tempo // Sport Metronome Concept

Tempo: control the rhythm of your pace on-the-go. Tempo is a sport metronome that smartly leverages the motivational power of music to push the u Read More